Technical Specifications:BIOCRUX RVMD 3T


Reverse Vending Machine Digital With 3 Side Display

Features (outer):


  • Overall Height: 1800 MM
  • Overall Width: 800 MM
  • Overall Depth: 1000 MM


400 KG


90-120 bottles per hours

Two line digital Display:

Indication of Dropping bottle

Key Pad:

Enter Mobile number
Mobile charging point


MS Steel


To indicate machine is running

Size / Quality of Bottles:

Upto 2000ML bottle of PET/Plastics only

Digital Screen:

20" size in front and 28" screen on both side

WINDOW in bottom :

300 MM X 300MM

Features Inside (mechanics):


3HP (2.2 KVA) – Crompton/Havells


Single PHASE (230 V) / 3 PHASE (440 V)


D2 blade – 3 rotary & 2 fixed

Black Box:

With E. Nickel/Chrome plating

Control Panel:



Specially designed hopper – to absorb upto 2000ml bottle standing


L & T Single phase Smart starter / L & T for 3 phase


D2/Chrome blade – 3 rotary & 2 fixed

Limit Switch Safety Switch:

Limit Switch ensure auto starts of machine. All doors attached with safety switch to prevent any accident


Insulated inside to absorb noise of machine

FLAP + Limit switch:

Regulate machine: Start/stop - Micro Hybrid


To manage the size of flakes

Storage Bin :

Capacity :

15Kg 750 to 800 one liter Bottle

Dimension :

650 L X 400 H X 400 W

Body :

MS steel and Acrylic window. Roller in bottom for free movement


Reverse Vending Machine-Digital with 3 side display is an automatic Noiseless pet/plastic bottle flaking and coupon machine. The machine is made with micro hybrid concept, it start and stop automatically based on the bottle feeding. The mouth of the machine is attached with a flap which controls the movement of the machine. After flaking machine will stop automatically and remain shut till another bottle fed in the machine. Each fed will reset the machine for next cycle as per time fixed in timer. Once bottle inserted machine starts automatically and crush the bottle in fine pieces. It has digital coupon vending feature:

SMS based Couponing System: Once user drops a bottle dropped,in the machine, he will be prompted for mobile number. Once user inserts the mobile number via the keypad provided on the machine. Machine will send SMS to customer the user mobile with discount coupon to redeemable at predefined counter as per specification fed.

SMS text sent to the user and Video played on the screen are fully customizable

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